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Unpaid carers are like the unsung heroes of our community, doing something truly amazing!  They’re the people who step up to provide essential care and love to their family members and friends who need it most. Caring for someone with FOP often brings a significant number of challenges, which change daily.

At FOP Friends, we are carers ourselves, so recognise the world of difference these unpaid carers make.  Unpaid carers offer both a shoulder to lean on and a helping hand.  We also recognise the stress and demands it places on the carer themselves, and their family and relationships.

We have collected together a list of charities which offer support, advice, grants, and respite care, for those helping others.

If you are an unpaid carer, it is crucial for you to look after your own well-being so you are able to continue to care for the one you love.  If you ever feel like things are getting too much, please remember to reach out and ask for help.  There are more websites on caring for your mental wellbeing over on this page:

You do not need to cope alone.

If you don’t receive any support for your caring role, if you need more help, or if you are unsure that what you are doing qualifies you as an unpaid carer, then you should first arrange a Carer’s Assessment.

Local authorities offer services and support for unpaid carers.  They will complete a carer’s assessment to see what they can provide to best meet your needs.

Google your local authority to find out what is available in your area.  You will need to contact your adult social care service.  If you would like some support with this, please get in touch.

Click here to find your local adult social care service.

This page on the NHS outlines what services and support they can provide for unpaid carers.  It also explains the carer’s assessment process.

It explains who is defined as a ‘carer’ and gives suggestions about how to prepare for your assessment.

There are links to other organisations which also offer support.

For young carers, visit: NHS Young Carers


The Carers Trust is a UK-based charity which works to support and transform the lives of unpaid carers.  They support both adult and young carers.

Their website has a wealth of information for carers about services, programmes, discounts and information for carers.  There is also financial information and guidance to ensure carers are receiving the support to which they are entitled.  There is also a page about how to apply for grants and funding.


Many tourist attractions will allow the carer of a disabled person to visit for free.

Click here to learn more:

Carers UK offer advice and information for the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

They offer expert information, advice and support.  They over financial guidance as well as general advice, wellbeing guidance and a helpline.


Young carers are children who look after a friend or family member.  These extra responsibilities add extra stress to a young person’s life and can mean they miss out on their own childhood.

The Children’s Society explains what a young carer is.  They offer advice and guidance, and signpost to other services which can support the young person to ensure their additional responsibilities don’t miss out on their own opportunities.

The Children’s Society Young Carers

Your local social services can also offer a carer’s assessment for the young person.  NHS Young Carers

Carers First recognise the challenges that being an unpaid carer can bring, so aim to make finding the right support and help for the carer easier.

They work mainly in the south-east area, but their website is helpful and informative for anyone in the UK.

Sibs is the charity for siblings of disabled children and adults.

They recognise that many siblings may have grown up, and into, a caring role and they have never known any different.

They have pulled together advice, guidance and signposts specifically for adult siblings, to ensure that they receive the care and support they need.

Visit: Sibs – Support for adult sibling carers

Family Fund recognises that caring for a child with additional needs can be very overwhelming.

They have put together some information and support, as well as signposts for families.

Visit: Family Fund

Out and About

Forward Carers is an award-winning, not-for-profit, Community Interest Company and has been empowering unpaid Carers to live fulfilling lives since 2014. 

They offer a range of carer services and programmes of work.  They also produce a carer’s card, which carers can use to provide proof of status to gain discounts and entry to some attractions.

Visit: Forward Carers

There are a number of attractions around the UK which offer free or discounted tickets for one or two unpaid carers.

It is worth checking with the venue before you go to see if they offer this, and what proof they require.

Carers First has compiled a list of venues which offer free entry: Days Out

Revitalise is a national charity of 60 years and the leading UK provider of breaks and holidays for disabled people. 

Their accessible holidays in the UK provide disabled people and carers with the respite break that they need, all completely catered for.

There is a charge for the breaks, but they are subsidised.  There are also funds available for those who are not able to cover the costs.  The team at Revitalise can advise on the options available depending on the circumstances of each individual.


Carefree is a charity dedication to supporting full-time, unpaid carers

They offer and arrange free (some minimal costs) short breaks for carers so they can take some time out, read a book, take a walk.. just simply relax and recharge.

Carers self-refer via their website: